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Welcome to Video Effects Blog, where you can see what video effects I've been doing! Some in After Effects, and some in other programs.
You can find everything I do in After effects here, whether it is a video preview, sneak peak, or an update.
It does not matter if my work goes to YouTube. Everything is posted here. You will also find cool demos and, from time to time, some tips and randomness.

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

I'm Back - New typography

I've been very busy with making new videos and creating a website that I completely forgot about this blog. I have fully updated it with all my newest videos and will try to post at least once a week. While I was gone, I made several videos including "Source of Illusion Typography". This video consumed over 20 hours of work but I think it was well worth it. Check it out.

Ive also worked on several intros and other small video effects. I am taking a film class this year in which I will be created several quality videos. I have already made a couple, but I don't plan on releasing those just yet.
With the big success of my first typography video I decided to make a 2nd one. I plan on improving every aspect to make it look even better. I am currently about 15% done with it and already have over 90+ layers in AE and have worked for about 10 hours. On the good side, it is looking amazing. Ill post some pictures of my progress as I work on it. I plan to have the video complete before March witch is a tight goal. Hopefully, if all goes right I will.
Below is a small preview of what the typography video will look like. As you can see the colors are improved and more complex movements will be featured.


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Blasted 2: The Landing

Blasted 2: The Landing is finally here!
Check it out!

The sequel to my effect Blasted 1. This new video is much better and alot of detail was added to it.
First, fire comes out on my feet and I am blasted into the sky. And if you look closely the part of street is blasted away in the launch. Then I amazingly land on the moon and see a beautiful comet. What I think of this video: * Probably My Best Video Effect yet * Much Better that Blasted 1 * Really Detailed and amazing Effect

Blasted Test Please Rate

Blasted - Funny blooper videos are here

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Blasted 2

I had some trouble finding the clothes I had for Blasted 2 in the past week but now I finnaly found them. Today, I did the landing part (40%) of the video which means I am 80% done with Blasted 2.
What I think of Blasted 2
  • Probably My Best Video Effect yet
  • Much Better that Blasted 1
  • Amazing Effects
I really like the result I'm getting with Blasted 2 and I think you will all like it. And as you might have thought Blasted 2 will be uploaded to My Youtube. I still need to make the intro and add the sound effects, and I will probably so that tomorrow. I don't know If I will use my normal Intro or the New Speed Particle Intro.
Talking about the new speed particle intro...I uploaded it to revver the file was 755kb big so It uploaded in about half a second. But after one day it is still transcoding (usually after one hour it is done transcoding) so I dont know what is wrong with it. although the effects looks pretty cool.

Some people where asking me why I didnt upload a video this week and my answer is...This week is spring break which means no school...I've been with friends and stuff...I didnt want to rush blasted two so I postponed it to next week. Also, I have started 4 videos in my other Channel EJoFEJ which include a music parody, stopmotions and more...

Monday, March 16, 2009

Some Updates

I haven't done anything these days exept thinking of new ideas. I will probably continue Blasted 2 tomorrow and We (EJoFEJ) Started a new video... not done yet we are just getting the ideas in.
I also started the Super Long Jump video which is a video effect of me jumping over 10 tables, this was really fun to make, but Im not done with it yet I still need to make it look more real.
Another thing I did, was a new intro for my videos, this is basicly speed particles jumping around! I just need to add some sound to it ...I will put it up once its is done.
I guess I actually did do something these days...
While you wait for my videos to be uploaded...why not check out my other videos on My Yotube Channel.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Working on new video: Blasted 2

I am currently 40% done with Blasted 2 I have added the effect, the camera shake and all that cool stuff. What is new in this version:
  • Shadow added
  • 3D guy looks like is standing on the floor
  • particles of the road exploding
  • Smoke
  • and more!
It is currently rendering. (by the time I wrote this the render is done) I just need to add sound effects, and the intro.
If Im almost done...why is it 40% you ask? Because this new blasted is going to be called Blasted 2: The landing! So I am actually going to shoot myself up and then land! Im almost done with the shooting up part, (40%) but I haven't started the landing part (40%) or the intro (10%) or sound effects (10)

Also, this week I got alot of new ideas which I will not mention yet, but when I finish Blasted 2 and start working on them Ill let you know.
Check back and remember to subscribe to my Youtube if you havent already.

Monday, March 9, 2009


My new video Blasted is now online!
A cool video effect of me getting blasted into the sky like a rocket!
First fire comes out of my feet and then...BAM I am basted away.
Watch out for Blasted 2 comming very soon.

Hope you like it

I got alot of new Ideas for new videos today so more videos should be coming up.